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oktober 29, 2016

On sound art and listening time

I will give a lecture on the conference organized by Marcel Cobussen on “The Role and Position of Sounds and Sounding Art in Public Urban Environments” on Wednesday, November 30rd at Gravensteen, Leiden.

Sound art works deal with the experience of time in a different way than musical works do. The focus on space, instead of duration has been a main argument in the positioning of sound art as an autonomous art form with specific characteristics and its own playing field.

More then 10 years of experience with Klankenbos, a permanent outdoor collection of sound art works, invites us to reconsider the importance of dealing with listening time on several levels: the invitation to take time, the creation of an environment with proper time-spaces for listening, the variability of sound output and ultimately the lifespan of sounding art works.

oktober 9, 2016

Transdisciplinary art with sound


Transdisciplinarity is a new buzzword in collaborations between arts and sciences, or in art practices that resist categorisation. But what does it mean exactly, and what is the difference with multi -or interdisciplinarity? I will formulate some reflections on this subject during the seminar of Oortreders, a new small-scale festival for transdisciplinary art with sound. Be welcome!