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Dance-Music Collaborations

Gerelateerde afbeelding

These two young men put their stamp on the twentieth-century history of music and dance with a bang sacré. What is the state of dance-music collaborations today? November Music organised an expert meeting on this subject, I was asked to moderate and make some introductory notes. 

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Transdisciplinary art with sound


Transdisciplinarity is a new buzzword in collaborations between arts and sciences, or in art practices that resist categorisation. But what does it mean exactly, and what is the difference with multi -or interdisciplinarity? I will formulate some reflections on this subject during the seminar of Oortreders, a new small-scale festival for transdisciplinary art with sound. Be welcome!

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media archive: Mondstuk (2005)

Mondstuk is a choreographical composition for three recorder mouthpieces. The frontal set-up inspired me to apply a two-dimensional, almost cubistic approach. Although the piece can be performed by three musicians, I started recording sessions with Tomma Wessel in 2011 for a one-performer video. A labor-intensive job which we didn’t  complete due to the limited time available, but this fragment gives an idea.