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media archive: Tubes (2007)

Around 2004, I started exploring the possibilities of feedback manipulation in live performance. One of the results was Tubes, a piece for two performers, pvc-pipes and digital signal processing. Apart from some concert fragments, I never published any video material from the many working sessions with Cathy van Eck. Here are some fragments from an early version of the piece, below is a compilation from later recording sessions. A full version can be found here. Please listen in stereo or with headphones!


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media archive: Mondstuk (2005)

Mondstuk is a choreographical composition for three recorder mouthpieces. The frontal set-up inspired me to apply a two-dimensional, almost cubistic approach. Although the piece can be performed by three musicians, I started recording sessions with Tomma Wessel in 2011 for a one-performer video. A labor-intensive job which we didn’t  complete due to the limited time available, but this fragment gives an idea.


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media archive: Atman (2001)

Starting to clean up my media archive, I found some interesting footage of Atman (2001).

Probably my most performed composition until now. Still waiting for a proper studio recording, though…

live recording of a performance with a camera focus on the piano strings: