Room Symfonies – for virtual ensembles and feedback tones (2020)

Building on the feedback tools and concepts I developed in ‘Close Harmonies‘, Room Symphonies mixes the ethereal sound world of pure feedback tones with the complex sounds of acoustic instruments. Feedback tones trigger samples of instrumental sounds through a pitch and loudness tracking system. In turn, these sounds force the system to pick out new feedback frequencies, triggering new samples. The result is an autopoietic system that generates a continuously changing orchestration of feedback with a highly improvisational character. 

Despite the non-human nature of the musical events, a sense of presence and agency emerges through the interaction with room acoustics, the physical presence of the listener and the ‘aura’ of instrumental sounds that allude to human effort and expression. Each Room Symphony is built on an ensemble of instrumental sounds and a set of interaction rules to create a more or less musically coherent behaviour. The installation can be tuned to specific spaces or moods.

Below some excerpts from recordings of the first test-runs, more material will follow. Low frequencies, please listen with headphones.

Test Run 1: flutes, violin, viola, clarinet, French horn, cello
Test Run 2

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