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november 27, 2019

Artistic research as an integrative force

I wrote a text for FORUM+ on artistic research policy at Dutch conservatoires. My central claim is that the role of research in conservatoire curriculum is changing. In the post-Bologna years, the integration of research in master curriculum was considered part of a process of academisation. Today, we can observe the appropriation of research in service of educational ambitions to integrate conservatoire curriculum in a more market-oriented and time-efficient way. In my text, I formulate some opportunities and pitfalls of this process.

A printable pdf-version with a more readable layout can be found here.

december 1, 2017

Lectorate ‘Music, Education and Society’

Thrilled to announce my appointment as lector ‘Music, Education and Society’ at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, starting from February 1. More information on: