Going Double (2008)

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Going Double is a performance for two interpreters and shadow projection. The instruments are reduced to a bare minimum: two speakers, two wireless microphones and a video projector that from its position on the stage floor shines on the centrally mounted screen. The two performers are accompanied by doppelgangers who are sometimes audible, but never directly visible. Only from time to time fragmented shadows of their bodies appear on the projection screen. Sometimes the performers themselves move in the semidarkness or in the light beam of the projector, resulting in an ambiguous play of shadow on shadow, of recorded sounds that are rendered in live executed movements, of projected images that are synchronized with sound actions on stage. The time of the doppelgangers does not always run in sync with the time on stage. Delays arise, sounds limp behind actions, shadows precede body movements. At the same time, the interactions between projection and living entities can be read as strategies to divide the screen surface in constantly transforming zones of white and black. As such, the projection screen becomes the place where material, structure and form come into being: not only shadows as a side effect of moving bodies, but also the play of shadows as an invitation or motivation, as a music score that is written and executed on-site.



Excerpt from the third scene.

Excerpts from the creation at MADE-festival (Ghent, 2008)